Welcome to the African American Club!

Sponsor: Jenita Harris
Contact Information: jharris@phoenixunion.org
Meeting Dates/Times/Locations: Thursdays/ 2:45 p.m. /Room 2223

Welcome to the African American Club!
     As we become knowledgeable of our roots, we emphasize personal growth and higher education. We share our culture with other ethnic groups, explore the entrepreneurial system, and engage in the politics that affect the African American population. All races are welcomed to join, learn, and engage about African American culture!

     We participate in Blood Drives, attend the HBCU(Historical Black Colleges & Universities) Fairs, host the MLK Assembly, host the Read-In, and attend regularly scheduled meetings. Being apart of the African American Club not only keeps us focus, it gives us a different way of looking at life and it's cultures. We talk about bringing a change in our world as a group by being  Dedicated, Motivated, Intelligent, Respectful. If you are interested in joining we would be more then ecstatic to have you come out and join us on Thursdays at 2:45 p.m. in room 2223!